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Saracens photoshoot. w/ Matt Cant


© 2009

Welcome to the Saracens training ground!

A great looking place, kitted out with everything a professional rugby player might require.  The Saracens rugby team play in the Guinness Premiership Championship, against the likes of Northampton Saints and Bath.

© 2009

The studio shoot alongside Matt Cant as an assistant was to photograph the team with a new set of flags, that had been designed with each flag sporting a different position in the team, for example, fly-half etc.  It was important that the actions of the players in the photographs reflected the traits of the position. The Locks created a very tight and secure appearance to symbolize their strength and unity, for instance.

© 2009

The equipment for a studio shoot stacked up nicely, with the potential to stack my arms up also – nothing better than a bit of manual labour to feel alive!!

Next stop.. Wembley!


Mika Mikoooooooow lets shout!



Hey Guys Just a little shout out to y’all.. Mika Miko Ivy League Session is now available on the Kruger webby site. Check it.

Welsh Artist of the Year ’09 // winners + losers.



Ok, so how do you want it? Do you want the good news first or the bad?

IMG_0016 IMG_0019 IMG_0014

I thought so, bad news it is..

I didn’t win!

Did I expect to? .. of course not! This was my first attempt at entering the competition, it has given me confidence, exposure and honestly the most cliche of lines to use ever in this situation, I was just happy and proud to be a part of this event / occasion / competition / gathering of ..the like minded. I’m also very pleased at the positioning of my piece in the exhibition hall, which will be on display amongst the other entries and winners until July 25th.  I was positioned on the second tier of St. Davids Hall, where I was surrounded by the winners and commended artists.  The work that was commended and won prizes were in the majority and in my personal opinion well deserved.  There was a large emphasis upon environmental issues and concerns and these were apparent through the winning pieces too.



The ceremony began with some light refreshments, very posh!.. and some light jazz filled the three or four levels of the exhibition space.. the scene was set nicely, though I was slightly disappointed at the fact Nicola Heywood Thomas for the ninth year had opened and awarded the artists with their prizes. This is an issue that got me slightly annoyed when I received my invitation, knowing that she had opened the previous years event, when I attended last year.  When she announced to the room that she was going for her tenth year as speaker-giver-outer, my jaw did uneasily non-align.  I know it is only one small part of the day, but I do feel it gives the competition a stale, crusty layer to what is a very tired and alarmingly unpublicized event.  Apparently the council are involved (which explains some things) – I had no idea until the Mayor spoke, another moldy instance of the ceremony was unleashed to a glaring and expectant audience.

Does that count as ranting!? .. probably.
That aside, the work itself was great, well….. some great, some not so.


The Winner of Welsh Artist of the Year 2009 was Tim Freeman,  a Canadian interestingly, but now lives and works in Cardiff.  His piece titled Hidden System or System Gudd in welsh, in my view was a great piece of print / digital photography.  As Nicola Heywood Thomas observantly pointed out, it revealed a relationship between natural and man-made.

I will let Tim explain his piece “Hidden System” to you…


“Focusing on the piece itself, “Hidden System”, I aimed to explore the contradictions inherent to the physical landscapes we inhabit and pass through.  Furthermore, I wanted the piece to disrupt the notion of the pastoral, an ongoing theme within the tradition of landscape.  Within the image the pastoral or idyllic romantic view is disturbed by the imposition of an elaborate system of industrial piping.  A visual metaphor of the ever increasing man-made systems which underlay our collective and personal landscapes”. Tim Freeman 2009. Cardiff.

He put that better than I ever could attempt.

That’s a little insight to the competition this year!
Make sure you check it out, there is some great work happening in this little sheep infested country.

Hwyl Fawr!

St. Davids Hall
The Hayes,
Cardiff, Wales

25 May – 25 July

Say cheese! I’m documenting.


Hello again! Hope your well.

If you don’t already know and haven’t picked up on any subtle hints throughout this currently limited blog of mine, as a branch to my graphic design studies I enjoy taking pictures.  At the end of every month it is my intention to document the ‘bits inbetween’ that didn’t feature in the blog itself.  To promote my photography and my enjoyment of it, I intend to show a selection of photographs that have captured (concluding the months comings and goings through photographs) the month of achievements, setbacks or even irrelevant issues to me or design but have some how created a perfect impression in front of the lens.

I have no idea whether it has the potential to become a successful blog entry, but hopefully as an addition to what is already a very photographic blog, it will let individuals like yourselves know a little bit more of me and my everyday adventures, through the medium of photography.

on top of the... hill

As a taster (i guess..) here is an image from above of my hometown on a cold misty January morning, January 2009 has seen me spend a large amount of time in this forgotten town of mine, before heading back to University in Cardiff.

As it’s a fresh idea.. and the months end is nigh, hows the 28th February sound.. .?  Until then, keep reading.

Hello Mr. Harle


A little shout out or even a congratulations to a mature blogger out there. Some of you may have heard of and even read through a consistent stream of engaging and thought provoking blog entries by Tom Harle.  His thoughts can be found over here. A recent blog entry by Tom thanked his blog readers.

I just wanted to post a little thank you letter to everyone who’s been reading this blog. It’s been just under a year since I first posted, and in that time I’ve been made to feel welcomed and valued, both through the lovely comments you’ve made, the emails we’ve shared, and now through twitter and such. (Tom Harle – ‘thank you’ aspire to enquire, January 23rd 2009)

In return I am offering my thanks, due to his interesting blogs it has inspired myself to take my finger tips to this blog universe and share my thoughts, communicating my interests on such topics of design, my studies and relevant activities.

Thank You, Tom Harle.

The Cat is Back!


After a brief visit back to the homelands, of West Wales early this week, I was informed of a re-emerging and terrorising story.  Burry Port is a small coastal town, with its neighbour of Pembrey offering not much more than a post office, but attains an extensive beach and a wilderness of woods and parklands.

It has been common knowledge for years, amongst the folk of the towns of, what can only be described as a Big Cat roaming the villages.  The Big Cat, which is apparently estimated to be around the size of a large dog, was spotted prowling Ashburnham Golf Club, situated on the, towns border.

This would not be the first of its kind in the the south west of the United Kingdom.. here’s an example of a spot in the Dartmoor, National Park.

The black beast has been in hiding for a few years, the return has sparked panic through the towns, with heightened anxiety over the safety of the people and their animals.  A warning has been issued, particularly to the animal owners of the area to be alert to any movements and sounds that may be out of the ordinary.  This warning was issued following the sighting of the animal at the Shoreline Holiday Village, Burry Port, It was said to be carrying in its mouth a large rabbit – a wild hare quite possibly that are common to the open land around that particular area.  One resident of the holiday village was said to have been terrified and trapped within his caravan, the idea of a puma like creature roaming the area has put the sh** up the residents, which to be fair are more familiar with another form of terrorism – boy racers!

Though the case is still out (with me at least)… I guess I will need to witness this feline beast in all its glory before I can truly believe there to be a three foot high black cat controlling the movements of a community.  Though if this is the view of one, am I setting a bad example by ignoring what is (if true) most definitely a potentially dangerous predicament (while walking your dog).

Lets not forget about bugs! No-one wants an empty hutch in the morning!