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South Africa/Spring Boks: Photoshoot


Wow now!! .. this is my first post since November, but can you blame me?! .. The last few months have been no less than hectic. Let me guide you with photos.. Happy New Year by the way 🙂

© copyright 2010 / Matthew Hilde


An unforgettable moment – The opportunity to photograph the South African International Rugby Team. As a massive rugby fan – this was the chance of a lifetime!

© copyright 2010 / Matthew Hilde

Alongside Matt Cant, I worked on reportage and specific, targeted imagery. Even though it was Matts place to shoot the South African team, I was given free reign to get what I could. Massive thanks to Matt and the Saracens for this – It was a special day! Even Matt admits, through a long successful career in photography – this was a little bit different! It was an action packed game that saw the Saracens come out on top and not to forget the quarter of a million pound cross bar challenge win! It was a day that I will find myself recalling for years to come.


The Big ‘Shoot’ Out! – Wembley Stadium, London


© 2009

Photo Shoot with Matt Cant, Lifestyle photographer.
The Saracens Rugby Team ‘Big Day Out’ at Wembley Stadium, London

Working as a second shooter, this day was different to any other I have experienced while working alongside Matt. Access to large areas of Wembley Stadium, that most who visit are oblivious too – this was a day of photography primarily but as an avid sports fan, it was difficult not to let the whole occasion tackle you to the ground.  It was not just a rugby match that was shot, a host of activities were captured as a sometimes congested schedule tried to get the better of us.

© 2009

© 2009

© 2009

© 2009

This was altogether a great day! Upon reflection it still created a great image.. but, a moment occurred while reviewing the images,

It’s time to get myself a Nikon! ..with a healthy looking lens or two!

Assistant photographer. w/ Matt Cant


Another busy month of no money! But I’m actually enjoying not earning the dosh.. this is one of those curves that everyone seems to be talking about, not the curves on Lightroom or Photoshop, but a learning curve! It certainly is that – with every moment focused on developing my skills.

Working alongside clients such as the BBC, S4C and the Saracens rugby team – it’s a great start to progressing my photography ambitions.

Lisa Rogers ©2009
BBC Photo Shoot (iplayer + publications)

The photograph (above) of Lisa Rogers, BBC Sport Wales reporter, who has presented a number of well known TV shows, such as The Big Breakfast + Top of the Pops etc. was the first image I worked on in an assistant role, with photographer Matt Cant. This dreaded but excitable first day, saw me assist with four photo shoots on location, with BBC presenters and newsreaders.

Matt Cant is a commercial / lifestyle photographer, now based in Cardiff, after eighteen years of the London lifestyle! With a wide client base Matt has been very helpful with a mass of knowledge and experience that is seeing me progress steadily with the ups and downs of commercial photography.

To be continued..

Ice Hockey. skates, sticks & punch ups.


OK… so I have no idea if skates sticks and punch ups are the correct terminology but, that’s what I’m watching at stupid o’ clock in the morning. It’s just hit 2:32am GMT and I have no intention of heading upstairs to bed.  I’m totally fixated and aren’t I glad of that!.. after forking out a chunk of my student loan on a year’s NHL coverage, from ESPN… it’s definitely good to be hooked on this fast and exciting pucking sport!!

I have included a little brawl.. I love the fact that the referees stand back and almost seem like they are cheering the situation on. Anyways perhaps I’m under-knowledged on the issue. Amazing.

Living in the UK, the coverage is noticeably poor and after a desperation search across the TV and Internet for access to this sport, it is limited to say the least.. unless you want to pay for it of course!!  I understand that SKY, NASA/SETANTA (subscriptions) and Channel Five offer a small selection of Ice Hockey, but No where near as much as I can get with ESPN. Thank you ESPN!!

I think I will be heading down to my local Hockey team soon enough.  Cardiff, UK is the home of the Cardiff Devils. I haven’t managed to get to a game yet, but it won’t be long for sure – there is actually a game this weekend against the Belfast Giants, who played us only last night (Thursday) – the Devils lost 1 – 0 though.  The Cardiff Devils play in the United Kingdoms’ Elite League, of which is the premiership of British Ice Hockey.  After watching North American NHL league, there seems to be a gulf in the amount of support that follows the UK teams, though the support from the fans are just as fierce and passionate.  I’m living proof that there is a demand for more coverage of exciting Hockey in the UK.

I’m trying to learn what I can by watching the games, but the rules and tactics are proving difficult in getting my head around. Though I did just learn a new term.. ‘Power Play’…

…anyways I’m getting back to the games… It’s exciting stuff!!