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Demo 2010 – Student Protests 10/11/10


Documentary photography, London 10/11/10

Copyright © 2010 / Matthew Hilde


BrisFest 2010.. In the making..


Some early shots of the making + concept that was behind this years Bris Fest  (formerly Bristol Festival) to be used across online + print collateral. An annual community festival celebrating the arts, music and comedy in Bristol.

Collaboration w/ Bristol Festival Community Group 2010.
Art direction, design and photography.

Copyright © 2010 Matthew Hilde, Bristol Festival Community Group.

BBC Radio Cymru – Lleisiau: Photography


I have assisted on the large majority of photography featured in this BBC publication – ‘Lleisiau’ for Radio Cymru listeners. There were a number of locations, traveling the length of Wales from Bangor to Cardiff. This was a great opportunity to see some physical exposure of the photography I have been involved with recently. It’s a great little publication for the Welsh speaking public, but even if you can’t make out a word, you can appreciate the design and sensitivity to the photography and typographic treatment. This was pleasing to see, with my increased interest to combine both typical graphics and photography, it’s encouraging to see some literature that allows the imagery to breathe amongst clean and professional looking design.

While on shoot in my assisting role, I always have the intention to get out the iphone at any quiet lull and document the goings on of that particular moment. Here’s one of my little journeys at our final location shoot down by the sea at Penarth, near Cardiff.


South Africa/Spring Boks: Photoshoot


Wow now!! .. this is my first post since November, but can you blame me?! .. The last few months have been no less than hectic. Let me guide you with photos.. Happy New Year by the way 🙂

© copyright 2010 / Matthew Hilde


An unforgettable moment – The opportunity to photograph the South African International Rugby Team. As a massive rugby fan – this was the chance of a lifetime!

© copyright 2010 / Matthew Hilde

Alongside Matt Cant, I worked on reportage and specific, targeted imagery. Even though it was Matts place to shoot the South African team, I was given free reign to get what I could. Massive thanks to Matt and the Saracens for this – It was a special day! Even Matt admits, through a long successful career in photography – this was a little bit different! It was an action packed game that saw the Saracens come out on top and not to forget the quarter of a million pound cross bar challenge win! It was a day that I will find myself recalling for years to come.

Spillers Records 2010 Calendar



This year, I was lucky enough to cover Record Store Day in Cardiff at the famous Spillers Records. Record Store Day is an annual event that encapsulates the love of the traditional record shop. During the day DJ sets by a number of different and varying artists, including Guto Pryce of the Super Furry Animals and Radio One DJ Bethan Elfyn, filled the shop on the Hayes with positively amazing tunes!  The Truckers of Husk made sure that the magic of Spillers instores continued!… playing at the far end of the shop, the crowds packed in! Bulging at all levels.. pedals filled the floor and their unique sound jabbed its way into every spillers soul..


Get yourself down to Spillers Cardiff, grab a 2010 calender for the new year!!  Record Store Day ’09 stands tall in my memory of great music events of 2009 at Spillers Records. The photography offers a time line to the past as well as this year. One of my fave photos is of the shop in 1994. With images from instores, Pop Peth exhibition at St.Fagans and Spillers around the world – Its a great capture from the oldest record shop in the world.

Treat yourself to the memories of the year that was..!
It’s almost Christmas after all!!

There are too many names to mention and thank, but here’s some…
Thanks to Nick & Ashli of course! for the hospitality.. and the beer!! what a show! and for running the greatest record shop in the world!
Truckers of Husk, Pascal, Bethan Elfyn – great sports when it came to the photo bit!
Massive thanks to Dafydd, for getting me in this great calendar! and doing a great job at it!
Nice one guys, Roll on 2010

..reflective photography?


reflection5 © 2009

As some of you may know, train travel has been more than a regular occurrence for me over the last few months. The money that has disappeared down the tracks, bares not worth thinking about. Though there are moments on the journey that can forgive the raised fares, forgive the sweaty tramp and forgive the horrendous coffee at a disgusting 6am in the morning – And I didn’t even mention the punctuality of these overcrowded tin cans. This is of the course the opportunity of photography. Being able to view the outside at a fast pace, with the intermittent stop, as a visualizer this gives me the platform to see new things and capture them – the idea of capturing a moment has always united me, and photography.

As we can see from a selection of photographs (iphone) from last weeks travels, I stumbled across an instance where the reflection upon the trains windows interacted with the outside environment. Initially I thought cool photography, great effect easy upon the eye – creating a collage image of both inside and outside environments, created through a pane of transparent material…. yeah right! 🙂 I just saw it for its beauty.. it was 6am for a start!

reflection2 © 2009

reflection3 © 2009

reflection4 © 2009

Though I was made to think beyond the aethetics, after speaking to a friend about the processes of a photograph..

Challenged and accepted…this entries purpose is to introduce a future post that questions – when does a photograph become design? What defines The involvement of manipulation techniques and manipulation instances, how are these defined… and how does this effect how we read a photograph?..

well, this is the aim!

Until next time – keep snapping away! 😀

The Big ‘Shoot’ Out! – Wembley Stadium, London


© 2009

Photo Shoot with Matt Cant, Lifestyle photographer.
The Saracens Rugby Team ‘Big Day Out’ at Wembley Stadium, London

Working as a second shooter, this day was different to any other I have experienced while working alongside Matt. Access to large areas of Wembley Stadium, that most who visit are oblivious too – this was a day of photography primarily but as an avid sports fan, it was difficult not to let the whole occasion tackle you to the ground.  It was not just a rugby match that was shot, a host of activities were captured as a sometimes congested schedule tried to get the better of us.

© 2009

© 2009

© 2009

© 2009

This was altogether a great day! Upon reflection it still created a great image.. but, a moment occurred while reviewing the images,

It’s time to get myself a Nikon! ..with a healthy looking lens or two!

Assistant photographer. w/ Matt Cant


Another busy month of no money! But I’m actually enjoying not earning the dosh.. this is one of those curves that everyone seems to be talking about, not the curves on Lightroom or Photoshop, but a learning curve! It certainly is that – with every moment focused on developing my skills.

Working alongside clients such as the BBC, S4C and the Saracens rugby team – it’s a great start to progressing my photography ambitions.

Lisa Rogers ©2009
BBC Photo Shoot (iplayer + publications)

The photograph (above) of Lisa Rogers, BBC Sport Wales reporter, who has presented a number of well known TV shows, such as The Big Breakfast + Top of the Pops etc. was the first image I worked on in an assistant role, with photographer Matt Cant. This dreaded but excitable first day, saw me assist with four photo shoots on location, with BBC presenters and newsreaders.

Matt Cant is a commercial / lifestyle photographer, now based in Cardiff, after eighteen years of the London lifestyle! With a wide client base Matt has been very helpful with a mass of knowledge and experience that is seeing me progress steadily with the ups and downs of commercial photography.

To be continued..

Spencer McGarry Season – Ivy League Session


© 2009

Spencer McGarry Season is formed by a collection of artists from a number of bands, including Sweet Baboo and The Hot Puppies.  This orchestral gathering creates a sound that needs to be heard – luckily for you it’s now fresh on the Kruger website for you to listen to. Enjoy!

no room
© 2009

The guys.. and girls rolled into the studio with obviously a lot more equipment than what would be seen at a usual Ivy League session. working with nine highly professional and enthusiastic musicians brought with it some demands, but for sure it was worth it and a lot of fun!

Oh yes.. there was a tenth member. A little follower of the band in the form of a tot, not more than two foot high graced the studio with a softer side, sporting some baby pink ear protectors – very cute! I especially think she enjoyed the skittle (the candy) throwing at the end of the day 🙂 .. maybe not!

in the garden
© 2009

spencer mcgarry season - skittle throwing!
© 2009

The team photo - ready for the start of the footy season.
© 2009

Kruger Issue 22 – Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo..


kruger magazine: issue 22 A-Z

How are you for some A to Zee?! This months Issue of Kruger Magazine brings you exactly that! As regular readers will be familiar with, Kruger is a bi-monthly Independent Music Magazine that throws at you some of the best in new and undiscovered music talents from across the globe. Each issue brings with it a definite theme and from there, the magazine really brings the best music insight from an unique angle.

Highlights this month – interviews with Sweet Baboo and from across the Atlantic, Mika Miko get the Kruger treatment! (A recent Ivy League artist, check them out.) Of course with Kruger they don’t stop there, so get down to your nearist stockist and grab yourself earful of Kruger goodness.


Sweet Baboo – Phonetic photo shoot.
As you should be able to make out from the images below, (photography by Mei Lewis) this shoot involved a large amount of preparation and of course time, selecting and positioning the props for this heavily themed magazine. Following the alphabet theme of this issue, the photo consisted of a mass collection of items that related to the
phonetic alphabet. For example, ‘Golf’ obviously referring to the letter ‘G’ is featured in the centre of the image with the golf balls and the artificial grass. It’s a crazy cool idea that was a lot of fun to be involved with. Oh yeah I’m in there too, It wasn’t as fun being on the other side of the lens, but I got stuck in and struck a pose!

sweet baboo

sweet baboo


Diverse Music – Top of the shops

A new feature of the magazine profiles independent record stores/shops throughout the UK. The first episode saw me visit Diverse Music of Newport and capture a few snaps of the friendly faces you might meet if you were wanting to buy some music from there.  Friendly they were too – Matt Jarrett who stands proud in front of his shop, creates a relevent feeling of independent music shops needing to stand tall amongst the giants of music retail – offering loyalty and a local feel to whatever you want to listen to from some Michael Jackson to Adequate Seven. (I was a little bit jealous of Matt’s Adequate Seven T-Shirt)

Diverse music


Mei Lewis
Christopher McLallen
Matt Hilde

Diverse Music
Kruger Magazine