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Spillers Records 2010 Calendar



This year, I was lucky enough to cover Record Store Day in Cardiff at the famous Spillers Records. Record Store Day is an annual event that encapsulates the love of the traditional record shop. During the day DJ sets by a number of different and varying artists, including Guto Pryce of the Super Furry Animals and Radio One DJ Bethan Elfyn, filled the shop on the Hayes with positively amazing tunes!  The Truckers of Husk made sure that the magic of Spillers instores continued!… playing at the far end of the shop, the crowds packed in! Bulging at all levels.. pedals filled the floor and their unique sound jabbed its way into every spillers soul..


Get yourself down to Spillers Cardiff, grab a 2010 calender for the new year!!  Record Store Day ’09 stands tall in my memory of great music events of 2009 at Spillers Records. The photography offers a time line to the past as well as this year. One of my fave photos is of the shop in 1994. With images from instores, Pop Peth exhibition at St.Fagans and Spillers around the world – Its a great capture from the oldest record shop in the world.

Treat yourself to the memories of the year that was..!
It’s almost Christmas after all!!

There are too many names to mention and thank, but here’s some…
Thanks to Nick & Ashli of course! for the hospitality.. and the beer!! what a show! and for running the greatest record shop in the world!
Truckers of Husk, Pascal, Bethan Elfyn – great sports when it came to the photo bit!
Massive thanks to Dafydd, for getting me in this great calendar! and doing a great job at it!
Nice one guys, Roll on 2010


Spencer McGarry Season – Ivy League Session


© 2009

Spencer McGarry Season is formed by a collection of artists from a number of bands, including Sweet Baboo and The Hot Puppies.  This orchestral gathering creates a sound that needs to be heard – luckily for you it’s now fresh on the Kruger website for you to listen to. Enjoy!

no room
© 2009

The guys.. and girls rolled into the studio with obviously a lot more equipment than what would be seen at a usual Ivy League session. working with nine highly professional and enthusiastic musicians brought with it some demands, but for sure it was worth it and a lot of fun!

Oh yes.. there was a tenth member. A little follower of the band in the form of a tot, not more than two foot high graced the studio with a softer side, sporting some baby pink ear protectors – very cute! I especially think she enjoyed the skittle (the candy) throwing at the end of the day 🙂 .. maybe not!

in the garden
© 2009

spencer mcgarry season - skittle throwing!
© 2009

The team photo - ready for the start of the footy season.
© 2009

Kruger Issue 22 – Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo..


kruger magazine: issue 22 A-Z

How are you for some A to Zee?! This months Issue of Kruger Magazine brings you exactly that! As regular readers will be familiar with, Kruger is a bi-monthly Independent Music Magazine that throws at you some of the best in new and undiscovered music talents from across the globe. Each issue brings with it a definite theme and from there, the magazine really brings the best music insight from an unique angle.

Highlights this month – interviews with Sweet Baboo and from across the Atlantic, Mika Miko get the Kruger treatment! (A recent Ivy League artist, check them out.) Of course with Kruger they don’t stop there, so get down to your nearist stockist and grab yourself earful of Kruger goodness.


Sweet Baboo – Phonetic photo shoot.
As you should be able to make out from the images below, (photography by Mei Lewis) this shoot involved a large amount of preparation and of course time, selecting and positioning the props for this heavily themed magazine. Following the alphabet theme of this issue, the photo consisted of a mass collection of items that related to the
phonetic alphabet. For example, ‘Golf’ obviously referring to the letter ‘G’ is featured in the centre of the image with the golf balls and the artificial grass. It’s a crazy cool idea that was a lot of fun to be involved with. Oh yeah I’m in there too, It wasn’t as fun being on the other side of the lens, but I got stuck in and struck a pose!

sweet baboo

sweet baboo


Diverse Music – Top of the shops

A new feature of the magazine profiles independent record stores/shops throughout the UK. The first episode saw me visit Diverse Music of Newport and capture a few snaps of the friendly faces you might meet if you were wanting to buy some music from there.  Friendly they were too – Matt Jarrett who stands proud in front of his shop, creates a relevent feeling of independent music shops needing to stand tall amongst the giants of music retail – offering loyalty and a local feel to whatever you want to listen to from some Michael Jackson to Adequate Seven. (I was a little bit jealous of Matt’s Adequate Seven T-Shirt)

Diverse music


Mei Lewis
Christopher McLallen
Matt Hilde

Diverse Music
Kruger Magazine

The Truckers are in town…



..get your pedals at the ready! The Latest Ivy League Session with the Truckers of Husk is available for you to wrap your ears around!

Last month, local pedal heroes rolled into the Offshore Studios in Cardiff with a truck load of pedals and a rolling instrumental set that offered the Ivy League a vocally absent sound that was pure and absorbing.  Though this wasn’t the first time they had come face to lens with my camera.  They played a local gig in Cardiff at Spillers Records for the annual Record store Day event that brought in the crowds from the Saturday streets.  As it goes, they remembered my impromptu few shots of them outside the record store and were as easy to work with as play-doe!

Straddling bicycles and laying in wheel barrows, they were great to work with. Good fun!

Before I forget!!
… Why not check out some more images from the Truckers shoot and loads of other Ivy League sessions @ Kruger Labs. Flickr page


St. Vincent. Photoshoot w/ Lucy Johnston


Documentary shots of St Vincent Photo shoot for Kruger Magazine -Issue 21, Coming of Age, by Lucy Johnston.

Location: London, Wandsworth
Date: 22-04-09

The lovely Annie Clark of St. Vincent (this may be wrong, but it’s what myspace says!) She was lovely though.

stvincent-002 stvincent-019

The concept for the shoot targeted the topic of ‘learning to drive’, which followed the theme of the latest Kruger Magazine, ‘Coming of Age’.  The shoot was situated and focused around a car parked on what was surprisingly a busy residential street, opposite 4AD Records.  Lucy and myself were dodging out of the way of cars and such, cyclists also – which was a random and an unwanted distraction every now and then.

stvincent-076 stvincent-012
stvincent-040 stvincent-053

Though a welcome distraction came in the form of a cup of coffee or tea (I can’t remember which), but it was welcomed greatly by all parties. I did not get a biscuit though… the funny things you remember! on what was a fun shoot. I would like to thank the hospitality of 4AD Records – even though I had to work for my cup of tea, carrying boxes / equipment up a very steep staircase, it was most certainly worth it! Great experience was absorbed and then a beer.


Thanks to Lucy Johnston for allowing me to shadow her on this photo shoot. You can view some of her great stuff, at
Pick up the new Kruger Magazine, Issue 21 – Coming of Age, where this photo shoot features.

Band of Skulls. Photoshoot w/ James Perou.


Documentary shots of James Perou’s photoshoot for Kruger Magazine with ‘Band of Skulls’.

Location: London, Shoreditch
Date: 24-04-09

band of skulls-48

band of skulls-43

band of skulls-32

band of skulls-01 band of skulls-02

band of skulls-17

A big thanks goes to the Kruger team and James Perou, for the opportunity.

James Perou

Kruger Magazine – Coming of age. Issue 21


Coming of age. Issue 21 – Kruger Magazine


My photograph of Ashli Todd @ spillers records, fronting Inside story.


The Second of my images capturing the crowds @ spillers records (RSD)

To follow on from this article on the health of record shops, Kruger will be profiling an independent record shop in every issue… Diverse in Newport, will be the first port of call, where I will be taking some shots for the article.

The next issue of Kruger Magazine is out on July 13th.

Anyone for some Super Tennis?





The latest Ivy League Session Super Tennis

Record Store Day @ Spillers, Cardiff


A busy day ahead, Record Store Day 2009

DJ set by GutoSuper Furry Animals

Truckers of Husk – battling out some awesome tunes.

A jam-packed SpillersRecords.

Truckers of Husk – Outside the Oldest Record Store in the World.

BBC Radio One DJ – Bethan Elfyn closes Record Store Day 2009 in style.

Record Store Day 2009 in Cardiff was a great success, I’d find it hard to find anyone to dispute that! Much thanks goes to SpillersRecords Cardiff for their hospitality while on shoot for Kruger Magazine.

Oh! ‘Sweet Baboo’


Every Ivy League Session brings with it its own unique charm, quirk or appeal, this weeks session was no different, with Sweet Baboo in the studio. Sweet Baboo brought the studio alive with an energetic and rustic charm that fitted perfectly into the Ivy League surroundings.

What can I say?! To photograph they were fun! I haven’t enjoyed myself at an Ivy League shoot more this year. It was all about the love, with a great connection between each member of the band, the shoot really came alive.  With the introduction of a mini owl, spongebob slippers and a spontaneous injection of energy that saw two of the guys clambering upon an adjacent roof – it was all there to capture. The shots below offer a small hint to the frantic session that unfolded at Offshore Studios, Cardiff.

sweet baboo

sweet baboo

sweet baboo

Their session will be available here shortly.
Keep checking the KrugerLabs website for more exciting new music.