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BBC Radio Cymru – Lleisiau: Photography


I have assisted on the large majority of photography featured in this BBC publication – ‘Lleisiau’ for Radio Cymru listeners. There were a number of locations, traveling the length of Wales from Bangor to Cardiff. This was a great opportunity to see some physical exposure of the photography I have been involved with recently. It’s a great little publication for the Welsh speaking public, but even if you can’t make out a word, you can appreciate the design and sensitivity to the photography and typographic treatment. This was pleasing to see, with my increased interest to combine both typical graphics and photography, it’s encouraging to see some literature that allows the imagery to breathe amongst clean and professional looking design.

While on shoot in my assisting role, I always have the intention to get out the iphone at any quiet lull and document the goings on of that particular moment. Here’s one of my little journeys at our final location shoot down by the sea at Penarth, near Cardiff.



..reflective photography?


reflection5 © 2009

As some of you may know, train travel has been more than a regular occurrence for me over the last few months. The money that has disappeared down the tracks, bares not worth thinking about. Though there are moments on the journey that can forgive the raised fares, forgive the sweaty tramp and forgive the horrendous coffee at a disgusting 6am in the morning – And I didn’t even mention the punctuality of these overcrowded tin cans. This is of the course the opportunity of photography. Being able to view the outside at a fast pace, with the intermittent stop, as a visualizer this gives me the platform to see new things and capture them – the idea of capturing a moment has always united me, and photography.

As we can see from a selection of photographs (iphone) from last weeks travels, I stumbled across an instance where the reflection upon the trains windows interacted with the outside environment. Initially I thought cool photography, great effect easy upon the eye – creating a collage image of both inside and outside environments, created through a pane of transparent material…. yeah right! 🙂 I just saw it for its beauty.. it was 6am for a start!

reflection2 © 2009

reflection3 © 2009

reflection4 © 2009

Though I was made to think beyond the aethetics, after speaking to a friend about the processes of a photograph..

Challenged and accepted…this entries purpose is to introduce a future post that questions – when does a photograph become design? What defines The involvement of manipulation techniques and manipulation instances, how are these defined… and how does this effect how we read a photograph?..

well, this is the aim!

Until next time – keep snapping away! 😀