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Banksy Vs Bristol Museum


If you missed it..’s an insight into the exhibition that took place through the summer months at Bristol Museum, by the formidable street and graffiti  artist, Banksy.

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So there we have it.. An exhibition by an artist who has marked our streets, provoked and empowered authority through his political and socially aggravated subjects. It was worth the visit and worth the two + a half hour wait outside in the infamous Banksy queue – but was it right?

This public platform can be seen as a follow up or development or progression or even an extension of the street. Though I question the authenticity of his art when the stage has changed from what was purely through the street, which creates a rawness and lawless canvas, that his life as a graffiti artist has been founded upon. Does the shelter of a museum, a model of order jeopardise how he is viewed by his public?

But lets step back for a moment!
Banksy is reknowned for creating a stir, thriving on the mystery with an intrigued approach. The decision to place his art in a place of containment conflict upon his works of the street that draw conclusions and open questions on political orders, amusements and quips upon the fools of government and society. By using a traditional space, the contrast of the street is a clear reflection upon his postion of where he sees himself in the arts-sphere. I see the exhibition as a singular entinty – one that is a stencil, a message and response to his life as a fledged artist of the street, where he has gained control.

It was a shrewd move by Bristol Museum – it created much public interest in Bristol itself and of course the exhibition. The exhibition space did not only inform and educate through the works of Banksy, but permanent works of Bristol Museum interacted and featured in the incredibly popular, crowd pleasing city pleasing exhibition.


BA Graphic Communication: Degree Show ’09


The end of the beginning..

Screen printed degree show posters..

So.. there we have it, university has passed through my fingers like sand in a precious hour glass.  Three years have gone by as quick as it’s taken me to write this short ‘reflective statement’. I won’t apologise for the amount of photos in this post – the images tell a story and show the vibrancy and diversity of work that was on show! Below offers you an insight into the degree show and the quality of work that was on display from BA Graphic Communication – Class of 2009.


Luke Richards, dedication and extreme concentration..

Tom Harle

The crowds gather..

Chris Welsby

Jenny Phillips

Dave Cuvelot

Dan Rawle

Emilie matches the faces to the works..

Jenny Phillips

Jess Donnan

Dave Cuvelot

Luke Richards

Matt Hilde

Laura Scull

Jo Williams


Goodbye, Cardiff School of Art & Design.

A big thank you to the tutors and to my fellow colleagues/friends.
Three years of ups and downs – the struggles and the giggles.

Best of luck to everyone for the journey ahead…
BA Graphic Communication – Class of 2009

Without a cause – an exhibition of local artists


The last week has been an exciting time for showing off my works within the public spectrum.  Without a cause is an exhibition that has ran from 23rd March to 02nd April. (I really need to blog before events like these finish) It has been a massive success in a great location! The exhibition was held in The Old Library, The Hayes – Cardiff.  As you can see from the images the space was large and gave a great stage for local artists, most either in under or post graduate study.

Setting up the exhibition – stressful times.

early birds – private view 23-03-09

wine anyone? – private view 23-03-09

My exhibition work – Nostalgic fragility (apr 08)

Much thanks goes to the organiser of the event – Mary Salmon.