Spencer McGarry Season – Ivy League Session

© 2009 matt-hilde.co.uk

Spencer McGarry Season is formed by a collection of artists from a number of bands, including Sweet Baboo and The Hot Puppies.  This orchestral gathering creates a sound that needs to be heard – luckily for you it’s now fresh on the Kruger website for you to listen to. Enjoy!

no room
© 2009 matt-hilde.co.uk

The guys.. and girls rolled into the studio with obviously a lot more equipment than what would be seen at a usual Ivy League session. working with nine highly professional and enthusiastic musicians brought with it some demands, but for sure it was worth it and a lot of fun!

Oh yes.. there was a tenth member. A little follower of the band in the form of a tot, not more than two foot high graced the studio with a softer side, sporting some baby pink ear protectors – very cute! I especially think she enjoyed the skittle (the candy) throwing at the end of the day 🙂 .. maybe not!

in the garden
© 2009 matt-hilde.co.uk

spencer mcgarry season - skittle throwing!
© 2009 matt-hilde.co.uk

The team photo - ready for the start of the footy season.
© 2009 matt-hilde.co.uk


One Response to “Spencer McGarry Season – Ivy League Session”

  1. New band of the day – No 765: Spencer McGarry Season | BB NEWS Says:

    […] The buzz: “Spencer’s ear for a great melody is filled out with a pop-baroque orchestration reminiscent of a 1950s Disney film” – Kruger magazine. […]

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