Kruger Issue 22 – Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Echo..

kruger magazine: issue 22 A-Z

How are you for some A to Zee?! This months Issue of Kruger Magazine brings you exactly that! As regular readers will be familiar with, Kruger is a bi-monthly Independent Music Magazine that throws at you some of the best in new and undiscovered music talents from across the globe. Each issue brings with it a definite theme and from there, the magazine really brings the best music insight from an unique angle.

Highlights this month – interviews with Sweet Baboo and from across the Atlantic, Mika Miko get the Kruger treatment! (A recent Ivy League artist, check them out.) Of course with Kruger they don’t stop there, so get down to your nearist stockist and grab yourself earful of Kruger goodness.


Sweet Baboo – Phonetic photo shoot.
As you should be able to make out from the images below, (photography by Mei Lewis) this shoot involved a large amount of preparation and of course time, selecting and positioning the props for this heavily themed magazine. Following the alphabet theme of this issue, the photo consisted of a mass collection of items that related to the
phonetic alphabet. For example, ‘Golf’ obviously referring to the letter ‘G’ is featured in the centre of the image with the golf balls and the artificial grass. It’s a crazy cool idea that was a lot of fun to be involved with. Oh yeah I’m in there too, It wasn’t as fun being on the other side of the lens, but I got stuck in and struck a pose!

sweet baboo

sweet baboo


Diverse Music – Top of the shops

A new feature of the magazine profiles independent record stores/shops throughout the UK. The first episode saw me visit Diverse Music of Newport and capture a few snaps of the friendly faces you might meet if you were wanting to buy some music from there.  Friendly they were too – Matt Jarrett who stands proud in front of his shop, creates a relevent feeling of independent music shops needing to stand tall amongst the giants of music retail – offering loyalty and a local feel to whatever you want to listen to from some Michael Jackson to Adequate Seven. (I was a little bit jealous of Matt’s Adequate Seven T-Shirt)

Diverse music


Mei Lewis
Christopher McLallen
Matt Hilde

Diverse Music
Kruger Magazine


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