St. Vincent. Photoshoot w/ Lucy Johnston

Documentary shots of St Vincent Photo shoot for Kruger Magazine -Issue 21, Coming of Age, by Lucy Johnston.

Location: London, Wandsworth
Date: 22-04-09

The lovely Annie Clark of St. Vincent (this may be wrong, but it’s what myspace says!) She was lovely though.

stvincent-002 stvincent-019

The concept for the shoot targeted the topic of ‘learning to drive’, which followed the theme of the latest Kruger Magazine, ‘Coming of Age’.  The shoot was situated and focused around a car parked on what was surprisingly a busy residential street, opposite 4AD Records.  Lucy and myself were dodging out of the way of cars and such, cyclists also – which was a random and an unwanted distraction every now and then.

stvincent-076 stvincent-012
stvincent-040 stvincent-053

Though a welcome distraction came in the form of a cup of coffee or tea (I can’t remember which), but it was welcomed greatly by all parties. I did not get a biscuit though… the funny things you remember! on what was a fun shoot. I would like to thank the hospitality of 4AD Records – even though I had to work for my cup of tea, carrying boxes / equipment up a very steep staircase, it was most certainly worth it! Great experience was absorbed and then a beer.


Thanks to Lucy Johnston for allowing me to shadow her on this photo shoot. You can view some of her great stuff, at
Pick up the new Kruger Magazine, Issue 21 – Coming of Age, where this photo shoot features.


One Response to “St. Vincent. Photoshoot w/ Lucy Johnston”

  1. Shirley Buxton Says:

    Interesting. The lady in the first shot is truly beautiful.

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