I am the chosen 1. (of 120)


I have had developments on my Welsh Artist of the Year 2009 submission.

I’m in! : )

It was great news yesterday morning and unexpected to say the least. From over four-hundred entries, One-hundred and twenty pieces of works were chosen to go through to an exhibition that runs for a month from 24th May – 25th June in St. David’s Hall, Cardiff City Centre. (Ironically I was ‘manning’ an exhibition yesterday of which I’m involved in, which over looks the venue of St Davids Hall.) The award ceremony will most probably be opened as usual by a welsh celebrity or personality, which is followed by the handing out of the awards to the lucky individuals of various categories. I’m in the running for the student prize.


I have slight issues with the letter though… It begins with “Thank you for entering the Welsh Artist of the Year competition 2009. This year we had over 400 entries. The standard was very high and the panel has made their selection of approximately 120 works”.  To be honest at this stage of the letter I was ready to throw it in the sbwriel..aka bin, aka.. trash can!

And then it lets you know. “I am delighted to inform you.. ” etc etc and all that shazzam.  It’s like being on some kind of reality singing contest, or to be fair anything reality tv like where they stretch out every little decision!! oh well, it’s a happy day! Thanks for everyone who has supported me up to this stage.  I see this as a positive addition to my creative career obviously and proud to be a part of.



One Response to “I am the chosen 1. (of 120)”

  1. caffineabuse Says:

    congratulations boyo. Let us pray to the elder gods that the competition be struck down with strong B.O and your cruise through to the final smelling fresh.

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