Mr Tim Walker – photographer

Photographer Tim Walker came to talk to me the other day.  Ok, not just me, about 200 of us!!  And when I say the other day I mean a good few weeks ago, never the less, this was a particularly spectacular event, that deserves to be reflected upon.


So, my plan was to photograph my notes and let you decipher them as every thing Mr Walker spoke, made sense and instinctively I felt I needed to record it for future reference, but as you can see below they may possibly be undecipherable as my hand writing is like that of a small child.  So instead, please find a list (typed) of my notes below.. give them a read, create the picture and get inspired. (I guess being there was incomparable to what is written below, but working methods, approaches and tips are what they are)

Tim Walker notes

Tim Walker Talk.
18.00 – 24/02/09

A sentence that will produce the photo

Sketch the photo you want to take

Light – daylight, natural light he likes to work in best and believes
outdoor work in natural light – admits he hates light!

interpretation + inspiration can come from anywhere

make it happen!

change context

(It’s always worrying when you can’t read your own writing – it has taken me 10 minutes to get to this stage)


I shall continue.. .

be generous
fantastic taking photographs from somewhere else
Fantasy images – beautiful

Draws on childhood memories; nostalgia; narratives and historical

He believes Subject and photographer relationship is key, he only
has one assistant (the case of too many cooks spoil the broth)
Though believes this is subjective – everyone does it their own way.

Make the set an extension of their personality
Make the subject feel comfortable

Camera he uses, Pentax 67

Go specific – then loosen up
blowing images up big and putting into an environment

He doesn’t use digital camera – believes in real

Needs real (as in what he is dealing with in his images)

Opportunistic – grab it, take hold of what you can and make
the most of the opportunity.

more instinctive  – more within you – people want individuality

His images show a large production, but intially in the early
years was not interested in the big set – started samll scale

Ridiculous / individuality
mixture of contrasting opinions

He works for Vogue – sees his work for Vogue as a stepping stone

To be photographed is a horrible thing! – Revealing!

Taking him to places you never knew it could take him to.

Be open to anythign that can open doors

Read – Look – Research

His inspirations.. photobooks, genuine photographs, honest gestures

Future – Short Film comign out September 09


There we have it, a blog constructed of mostly unedited notes. I apologise for the vaguery in places, the best advice I can give is to research into Tim Walker, it’s fascinating stuff!!

Much thanks goes to the organiser of this special event at Univeristy of Wales Institute Cardiff, a coleague of mine, third year BA Graphic Communciation student, Tom Harle.


4 Responses to “Mr Tim Walker – photographer”

  1. Jess Says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog while researching a rather large presentation I have on Tim Walker’s photography. Thank you thank you thank you for posting this! Such a help!


  2. cinjin Says:

    THANK YOU for posting this! How lucky of you to have met Tim Walker! I’m drowning in envy.

  3. Sophie Says:

    I have to thank you so much for sharing this with us! I am currently doing an A level photography project on Tim Walker, and am in the middle of writing my personal investigation essay to back my work up. I was struggling to find information on his methods and approaches so this blog has been really helpful! Thankyouuuuuuuu!

  4. Chloe Says:

    I too am envious! Tim Walker is my greatest inspiration.

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