Kruger & Ivy League Sessions: music, photos, sandwiches and fire!


A couple of weeks ago now, (how time flys when your having fun!) I was involved in my first work experience period, where I had the opportunity to take photographs of new and exciting bands/music artists.  Kruger and the Ivy League’s joint venture to find new and exciting music artists and to promote them, was at the heart of the package.  It was my task to photograph the artists for the Ivy League Sessions music blog, where three exclusive tracks would feature only to be streamed from the website.  A blog entry of the artists day at the Ivy League accompanies the tracks and a photograph that brings out a rustic, ‘secret garden’ and exclusivity to the whole experience.


It began in a relaxed fashion and to be honest continued in that light until the final photograph was snapped up.  A few from the Kruger team and myself met up at a local coffee shop for a late morning latte, before the start of an interesting day.  The first band to arrive were ‘Sky Larkin’, a great band with a great selection of tracks, which should be available on the Ivy League website shortly. Appropriately it was lunchtime by the time my first photoshoot began, and sandwiches were aplenty!! So to add a quirky edge to an already very interesting backdrop of the secret garden, lets just say sandwiches were involved!


‘Pulled Apart By Horses’, arrived soonish, while Sky Larkin’ were recording their three gems.  As a wait was on the cards, PABH decided to spill into the nearby street filled charity shops, oh yes! and Cash Generator was a firm fave, particularly the guys from the Larks spending much of the afternoon scouring the bargains.  PABH were a heavy(ish) band, the heaviest the Ivy League have seen in their studio most definately. They were great guys again, which offered a lot of fun through the day – Guitars in the photoshoot were out of bounds! but fire WAS allowed!!

So What now!?
The photographs I took are to feature on the Ivy League Sessions music blog, PABH already available to see, read and listen, so get on it!! There is the potential to bring together the photographs and blog into a more tangible format, of which I am already excited to be a part of – hoping for more opportunities in the not so distant future!


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