Say cheese! I’m documenting.

Hello again! Hope your well.

If you don’t already know and haven’t picked up on any subtle hints throughout this currently limited blog of mine, as a branch to my graphic design studies I enjoy taking pictures.  At the end of every month it is my intention to document the ‘bits inbetween’ that didn’t feature in the blog itself.  To promote my photography and my enjoyment of it, I intend to show a selection of photographs that have captured (concluding the months comings and goings through photographs) the month of achievements, setbacks or even irrelevant issues to me or design but have some how created a perfect impression in front of the lens.

I have no idea whether it has the potential to become a successful blog entry, but hopefully as an addition to what is already a very photographic blog, it will let individuals like yourselves know a little bit more of me and my everyday adventures, through the medium of photography.

on top of the... hill

As a taster (i guess..) here is an image from above of my hometown on a cold misty January morning, January 2009 has seen me spend a large amount of time in this forgotten town of mine, before heading back to University in Cardiff.

As it’s a fresh idea.. and the months end is nigh, hows the 28th February sound.. .?  Until then, keep reading.


One Response to “Say cheese! I’m documenting.”

  1. Stacey Jenkins Says:

    Hey Matt…

    If you’re curious, there is actually a photo-blogging theme on WordPress that’s better suited to a fantastic photographer such as yourself (or should I say phantastic? lol)

    The theme is called Monotone…

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