The new year calls for some new tread!

Check out these bad boys!!
Nike Air 6.0 Insurgent

Nike 6.0

Here are some customer reviews from Nike, get ready to catch!!

These shoes are phat!, Sweet, Does it get any better? Matches with everything!  (hmm..)

The shoe has a 4.6 star rating out of 5 (27th Jan ’09). Not bad! .. though here’s an apparent stumbler.

They may get good grip on a skateboard with these shoes but if your wearing them casually like me dont try running up hills in wet grass or stuff like that.  Thanking rabidfire75 for that one!!

Ok, so that’s in jest. But really these aren’t just my shoes. These are my new shoes. (borderline M&S refernce there – apologies)


I’m not only intending to reveal my excitement for Nike’s design and ranges of shoe here but I may be about to refer to my new shoes as some kind of symbolic metaphor for my year ahead.  Nike are making shoes exciting, check out Nike ID (lots of fun there). Maybe i’m being slow or naive or generally just haven’t had an interest in what shoe I would actually prefer to be wearing, settling for what I can afford, settling for a life where I can blend easily into the dense surroundings.  My design education and career have been tumultuous years.  Maybe tumultuous is a confusing word to use 😉 and not entirely truthful, as my intention has always been to succeed in this demanding world of design, but have never had a specific focus within the domain to grab hold of, apart from the term ‘graphic designer’.  I see these shoes of which I wouldn’t normally step into (let alone pay close on 60 quid) as a kind of new world (of discovery or of whatever really..) within my design sphere.  I have set goals to help focus on the year ahead, all I know is – I Love These Shoes!!!

This is the beginning of a potentially exciting year. Let me begin…


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