Hello Mr. Harle

A little shout out or even a congratulations to a mature blogger out there. Some of you may have heard of and even read through a consistent stream of engaging and thought provoking blog entries by Tom Harle.  His thoughts can be found over here. A recent blog entry by Tom thanked his blog readers.

I just wanted to post a little thank you letter to everyone who’s been reading this blog. It’s been just under a year since I first posted, and in that time I’ve been made to feel welcomed and valued, both through the lovely comments you’ve made, the emails we’ve shared, and now through twitter and such. (Tom Harle – ‘thank you’ aspire to enquire, January 23rd 2009)

In return I am offering my thanks, due to his interesting blogs it has inspired myself to take my finger tips to this blog universe and share my thoughts, communicating my interests on such topics of design, my studies and relevant activities.

Thank You, Tom Harle.


One Response to “Hello Mr. Harle”

  1. Tom Harle Says:

    awww shucks!! thanks for the link sir. Good little community we’ve got going on now at BAGC!

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