Dissertation: Reflection


So, there we have it! The Dissertation of mine that has haunted the later end of 2008, has been released.  Does it feel good? well, to a degree (stepping quickly over the pun) yes, it feels good to have completed what is potentially the most significant and demanding piece of writing I will ever focus upon.  Though, a week and a half has passed since the dreaded deadline day – but still i’m terrorized by the possibility of not achieving the most out of the dissertation experience.  Bearing in mind the excitement and potential that I gave it in the summer of 2008, I had a confidence and an understanding that I could reach a standard I could be proud of.  There is relief and a sense of pride – though tainted by a line that continues to ring around my head, “I could have done more!”  The second copy sits as a reminder, under my desk.

Page 2

The Journey as every journey does, featured ups and downs.  I made sure that I mentioned my late friend wihin what is practically a book format.  I thought the topical relevance of the dissertation and specifically the timing through my education justified my intention.  James’ influence on my studies has been difficult to erase, I wanted to make reference and remember what was truly a very special individual, that during the most significant term of my life, passed away without either saying goodbye.


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