The Cat is Back!

After a brief visit back to the homelands, of West Wales early this week, I was informed of a re-emerging and terrorising story.  Burry Port is a small coastal town, with its neighbour of Pembrey offering not much more than a post office, but attains an extensive beach and a wilderness of woods and parklands.

It has been common knowledge for years, amongst the folk of the towns of, what can only be described as a Big Cat roaming the villages.  The Big Cat, which is apparently estimated to be around the size of a large dog, was spotted prowling Ashburnham Golf Club, situated on the, towns border.

This would not be the first of its kind in the the south west of the United Kingdom.. here’s an example of a spot in the Dartmoor, National Park.

The black beast has been in hiding for a few years, the return has sparked panic through the towns, with heightened anxiety over the safety of the people and their animals.  A warning has been issued, particularly to the animal owners of the area to be alert to any movements and sounds that may be out of the ordinary.  This warning was issued following the sighting of the animal at the Shoreline Holiday Village, Burry Port, It was said to be carrying in its mouth a large rabbit – a wild hare quite possibly that are common to the open land around that particular area.  One resident of the holiday village was said to have been terrified and trapped within his caravan, the idea of a puma like creature roaming the area has put the sh** up the residents, which to be fair are more familiar with another form of terrorism – boy racers!

Though the case is still out (with me at least)… I guess I will need to witness this feline beast in all its glory before I can truly believe there to be a three foot high black cat controlling the movements of a community.  Though if this is the view of one, am I setting a bad example by ignoring what is (if true) most definitely a potentially dangerous predicament (while walking your dog).

Lets not forget about bugs! No-one wants an empty hutch in the morning!


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