Ice Hockey. skates, sticks & punch ups.

OK… so I have no idea if skates sticks and punch ups are the correct terminology but, that’s what I’m watching at stupid o’ clock in the morning. It’s just hit 2:32am GMT and I have no intention of heading upstairs to bed.  I’m totally fixated and aren’t I glad of that!.. after forking out a chunk of my student loan on a year’s NHL coverage, from ESPN… it’s definitely good to be hooked on this fast and exciting pucking sport!!

I have included a little brawl.. I love the fact that the referees stand back and almost seem like they are cheering the situation on. Anyways perhaps I’m under-knowledged on the issue. Amazing.

Living in the UK, the coverage is noticeably poor and after a desperation search across the TV and Internet for access to this sport, it is limited to say the least.. unless you want to pay for it of course!!  I understand that SKY, NASA/SETANTA (subscriptions) and Channel Five offer a small selection of Ice Hockey, but No where near as much as I can get with ESPN. Thank you ESPN!!

I think I will be heading down to my local Hockey team soon enough.  Cardiff, UK is the home of the Cardiff Devils. I haven’t managed to get to a game yet, but it won’t be long for sure – there is actually a game this weekend against the Belfast Giants, who played us only last night (Thursday) – the Devils lost 1 – 0 though.  The Cardiff Devils play in the United Kingdoms’ Elite League, of which is the premiership of British Ice Hockey.  After watching North American NHL league, there seems to be a gulf in the amount of support that follows the UK teams, though the support from the fans are just as fierce and passionate.  I’m living proof that there is a demand for more coverage of exciting Hockey in the UK.

I’m trying to learn what I can by watching the games, but the rules and tactics are proving difficult in getting my head around. Though I did just learn a new term.. ‘Power Play’…

…anyways I’m getting back to the games… It’s exciting stuff!!


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